Animed Veterinary Clinic Brno

Animed Veterinary Clinic Brno

Dear clients, we have new measures. Fortunately, our clinic continues to operate in normal mode, but please:
- when entering the clinic, in the waiting room and in the ambulatory room, keep the respirator on correctly at all times
- only one person should accompany the dog or cat to the outpatient clinic, unless the presence of more than one person is absolutely necessary (problematic fixation, initial oncological consultations, important decision-making on the next procedure)
- if you travel to us FROM ANOTHER DISTRICT, IT IS NOT A PROBLEM, but take a sworn declaration with you in case of a check 
- if necessary, we will send you a confirmation of the need for medical treatment by e-mail

Thank you and hopefully together we will improve the disease situation in our country !
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Veterinary oncology

Veterinary oncology

We are specialized clinic for oncological treatment of dogs and cats.

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Our services

We know that your pet is not just a pet, but a member of your family. We belive that you will be satisfied both with our attitude and the ambience. 

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Our team

Your pets are treated by a team of experienced veterinarians and assistants.

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General services and pricelist

General services and pricelist
Complex services for dogs and cats.
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For oncology patients

For oncology patients
Complete diagnostics, consultation,
chemotherapy, radiotherapy mediation.
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Veterinary oncology


We deal with the diagnosis and treatment of cancers of dogs and cats.
MVDr. Jakub Pfeifr is a member of the Oncology Section of the Czech Small Animal Veterinary Association and is the leading veterinarian for oncology at our clinic.
We cooperate also with the european leading expert in veterinary oncology, MVDr. Ondřej Škor, Dipl.ECVIM-CA (oncology)


COVID-19 precautions

Dear clients. In the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, we ask you to:  Do not enter our…

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From 1.1.2020 all dogs (except those who are tattooed before 2011) must be microchipped. If the…

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Newly we offer inhalation anesthesia for our patients at our clinic. Inhalation anesthesia is…

Our goals

Our purpose is to support and protect the health and well-being of all animals entrusted to our care, honoring their right to live without discomfort, pain or disease assuring that we meet each animal’s unique behavioral, emotional and physical needs. We celebrate the human-animal bond which is at the heart of our connection with our patients and clients.

  • We offer comprehensive services. We advise you on prevention, conduct a full range of diagnostic examinations including surgery.
  • Our specialization is veterinary oncology, which we focus on in depth as one of the few in Moravia and throughout the Czech Republic.
  • We also specialize in internal medicine for dogs and cats, soft tissue surgery, dentistry and small mammal medicine.
  • We know our limits - in difficult patients requiring some specialized examinations we cooperate with the best experts and laboratories in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • We also provide hospitalization for seriously ill animals.
  • We will investigate the patient in general, ask you for the details of the problem, discuss options for further diagnosis and therapy to meet the needs of both the patient and the owner.
  • Every patient recieves a goody as a reward free of charge both in the ambulance and comfortable waiting room with free WIFI access
  • We offer referral services to veterinary surgeons especially for oncology patients as well as other internal patients. We also perform soft-tissue abdominal and skin surgery.
  • You will always receive a medical report from us!

General services and pricelist

Complex services for dogs and cats

claw cut
treatment of anal glands
microchipping and pet passport issueing
senior program - preventative blood tests, abdominal ultrasound or chest x-ray
haematological and biochemical blood tests
microscopic examination
cytological examination
urine examination
digital X-ray
ultrasound of the abdomen

examination of cats on FeLV and FIV
examination for borreliosis, anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis
myocological examination, specialized oncological diagnostics (PARR PCR, histopathology, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry), allergenodiagnostics and desensitization by autogenous vaccine, serological and PCR examinations, bacteriological examination, determination of hormones and progesterone in blood, genetic tests, histopathological examination of samples

oncology and skin surgery
abdominal surgery
acute surgery
inhalation anesthesia

Ultrasound scaling on tartar, including polishing of dental enamel
surgical teeth extraction
extraction of persistent deciduous teeth
… and more. If you have questions about our services, do not hesitate to contact us!


Pricelist in CZK of some of the services. Prices are approximate. The prices include of 21% VAT.
You can pay cash or by card.
Prices for specialized oncology service may differ. 

Infectious Diseases Dog (DHPPIL4) 550, -
rabies for 3 years 390, -
Infectious Diseases Cat (CRP) 425, -
infectious diseases cat + FeLV 790, -

vaccination rabbit 299, -

cutting of claws 79, -
cleaning anal glands 120, -
coprological examination of faeces 320, -
cleaning of the ear 96,-

Travel documents
Europass - pet passport + issueing 400,-
microchip MINI 300,-
application of microchip 250,- 
castration of a tomcat 1100 - 1700, -
castration of a female cat 1900 - 2600, -
castration of a small dog - male 2500 - 3500, -
castration of middle dog - male 3000 - 4000, -
castration of a large dog - male 4000 - 5000, -
castration of small dog - female 4000 - 5000, -
castration of medium dog - female 5000 - 6000, -
castration of large dog – female 6000 - 7500, -
diagnostic examinations right away
clinical examination of the patient 250 - 350, -
blood draining 150, -
haematological examination of blood 250, -
biochemical examination of blood 6 parameters - 499, -
biochemical examination of blood 12 parameters - 699, -
ultrasound examination complex 550, -
ultrasound examination basic 350, -
X-ray examination by size and number of images 500 - 1200, -
cytological examination 490 - 790,-

inhalation anesthesia 
500,- / 30min extra to the price of surgery

oncological consultation (30 min) 600, -
oncological consultation and treatment plan (60min) 1200, -
Prices for consultation and other treatment by MVDr. Ondřej Škor, Dipl. ECVIM-CA are different, please ask about the price dr. Škor in advance by an email

raw food feeding consultation (30 min) 600,-
raw food feeding consultation (60 min) 1200,-

For oncology patients

The quality of life of our animal patient is always on the first place!

Information for oncology patients - how we do it:

1) new patients  – suspicion of cancer
               If you have found a bulge in your pet or for some reason he is not in good shape and you suspect a more serious problem - please order on our phone number. It is usually enough to describe the problem and the nurse will order you according to the timetable to a particular physician. We will do our best to find out the cause as soon as possible.
2) new patients  consultations and treatment proposals (already diagnosed from another veterinary clinic)
               Before you order the appointment by phone, email us on info@animed.czall the materials that led to the diagnosis of your pet (histopathological report, results of previous examinations and description of the problem). This is to prevent situations where the information is incomplete and you have to come back again in a different time. Patients at the initial consultation are almost always ordered for MVDr Pfeifr.

3) patients in regular treatment (chemotherapy)
               Because of the time-consuming management of oncology patients, it is always necessary to make an appointment for chemotherapy. Regular check-ups are usually ordered for MVDr. Piechová, complicated patients and initial consultation for MVDr. Pfeifr.
The most frequently asked questions will be answered by articles in the veterinary oncology section.


MVDr. Jakub Pfeifr


MVDr. Ondřej Škor


MVDr. Jitka Pfeifrová


MVDr. Hana Vitulová


MVDr. Jana Janoušková


MVDr. Veronika Dolníčková

ENGLISH SPEAKING VET chiropractor and orthopedics

Diana Neradilová



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Pro veterináře

Poskytujeme referenční servis

  • veterinární onkologie (kompletní diagnostika, konzultace, chemoterapie, zprostředkování radioterapie, atd.)
  • interní pacienti - včetně složitých případů
  • měkkotkáňová a onkologická chirurgie - včetně akutních případů
  • stomatologická chirurgie - chirurgické extrakce zubů (neprovádíme endodoncii a ortodoncii)

Základem dobré spolupráce je komunikace.

Pro spokojenost všech stran (majitel, vy i my) prosíme, abyste nás vždy předem informovali - telefonicky na čísle 734 421 272 nebo emailem na o odeslaném pacientovi.

Prosíme o uvedení následujících informací:
anamnéza + dosavadní vyšetření a jejich výsledky + dosavadní terapie

Rozsah požadovaného ošetření

  • konzultace a návrh terapie
  • provedení vyšetření - ultrazvuk, RTG (digitální zpracování), cytologie, vyšetření krve + interpretace 
  • provedení zákroku - chirurgie
  • nebo převzetí pacienta v rámci daného problému do péče
O výsledcích Vás budeme informovat emailem, pokud se jedná o složitější problém / na přání telefonicky.
V případě dlouhodobě léčených onkologických pacientů podáváme průběžné zdravotní zprávy o vývoji zdravotního stavu pacienta. 
U majitelů s větší dojezdovou vzdáleností do Brna spolupracujeme s referujícím veterinárním lékařem v rámci některých průběžných vyšetření nutných pro léčbu pacienta tak, abychom snížili časovou náročnost majitelů při dojíždění do Brna.

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