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Tereza F.

Last summer, we first suspected a bulge in our twelve-year-old yorkshir Sarinka, visiting a clinic in the next town where we spent her life with her, the doctor said she did not think it was a matter. About two months later, we went again, with the nodule expanding and we had another, at that moment another doctor, who just served, said that it was a tumor and that she would rather "do not" - without any examination proposal.

This, of course, did not come into consideration, we wanted to know the expert's opinion, so we started searching the internet and at that moment found out that there is any veterinary oncology at all. After several days of reading about the tumors, their treatment and the search for experts, we decided to turn to Dr. Pfeifr, we wanted the best of ours for every price and therefore decided for Brno.

It was the best thing we could do. After the first visit, when we were told in advance that after all preoperative examinations we will see if the surgery is possible - fortunately yes), I would just like to point out that the doctor found five tumors on both mammary glands.

But since the cancer got into the lymph nodes, we talked about chemotherapy, there were 8 doses, Sara lost some hairs,  but before the end of chemo her hairs again began to grow and actually now she looks like a puppy :) We have managed to stop the "crap" from the time being, we know that at this moment we will not completely get rid of it, but our goal is not to get any further ... we have the first check after the end of the chemo and everything is OK. She is alert, totally cool and nothing hurts her. The approach of the doctor and all the doctors is sensitive, the animals act as if it were their own, it is seen that they work with love and if we can we give 10 stars. Their willingness, expertise, human attitude and loving care makes them a perfect team to whom we thank for saving and treating our Sáruš :)

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