David S.

I certainly recommend everyone. Modern surgery, a professional and, above all, personal approach, can see that they still have a relationship and it's not just a routine job for them. Thank you

Veronika K.

We are very pleased to award all five stars - we greatly praise the professional, pleasant and quiet approach of the Doctor, excellent office equipment (all in one place) and a great willingness to help their patients.

Once again we praise and thank you very much for the great help and support for the healing of our "old man".

Sima K.

We had a really sick cat of Certík and we were looking for where to go with him, where to help him-PROFESSIONALLY, I got a tip for this clinic and I'm glad that we decided the way we decided. A very sensitive and pleasant doctor who tries to help not only the animal but also his owners, everything we asked us was clearly explained, thank you for your really human (animal: o))) approach, I have nothing but write that I RECOMMEND, RECOMMEND, RECOMMEND ....

Veronika K.

Thank you very much for the excellent, kind and professional approach. This is the clinic I'm going to turn to in the future ... even though I'd be glad if it was only for preventive examinations of our seniors.

Pairex U.

We would like to thank all the ladies from ANIMED Veterinary Clinic, who took great care of Smudlinka 3.1.2018. Last year we visited the clinic with her daddy Tlap. He was also pleased.

Martina B.

Professional approach. I had a very serious problem with a dog. They immediately accepted me and took care of him. In case of the absence of a doctor's timely intervention, he probably would not be here .... Thank you once more! I warmly recommend.

Leňa K.

Although we're probably not nearly at the end of the treatment, we've had 4 visits. Our 9 year-old pug was diagnosed with mast cells. I do not know how everything is going to happen, but what I can say with absolute certainty is: The Doctor is the first veterinarian to treat her with such a tenderness that I do not hold my hand in my fist. Everything is perfectly well explained. We have our dog from January from inappropriate conditions from the Ukrainian border. I have already met several doctors who have acted disproportionately with her past. They did not understand how shy, sensitive, and vulnerable she was, just enough to crash and wait for a wound. If possible, we only go to the clinic to him. And thanks to him, despite all this, she succeeds in fulfilling the most important thing I promised. Stress free in loving arms. Thank you.

Tereza F.

Last summer, we first suspected a bulge in our twelve-year-old yorkshir Sarinka, visiting a clinic in the next town where we spent her life with her, the doctor said she did not think it was a matter. About two months later, we went again, with the nodule expanding and we had another, at that moment another doctor, who just served, said that it was a tumor and that she would rather "do not" - without any examination proposal.

This, of course, did not come into consideration, we wanted to know the expert's opinion, so we started searching the internet and at that moment found out that there is any veterinary oncology at all. After several days of reading about the tumors, their treatment and the search for experts, we decided to turn to Dr. Pfeifr, we wanted the best of ours for every price and therefore decided for Brno.

It was the best thing we could do. After the first visit, when we were told in advance that after all preoperative examinations we will see if the surgery is possible - fortunately yes), I would just like to point out that the doctor found five tumors on both mammary glands.

But since the cancer got into the lymph nodes, we talked about chemotherapy, there were 8 doses, Sara lost some hairs,  but before the end of chemo her hairs again began to grow and actually now she looks like a puppy :) We have managed to stop the "crap" from the time being, we know that at this moment we will not completely get rid of it, but our goal is not to get any further ... we have the first check after the end of the chemo and everything is OK. She is alert, totally cool and nothing hurts her. The approach of the doctor and all the doctors is sensitive, the animals act as if it were their own, it is seen that they work with love and if we can we give 10 stars. Their willingness, expertise, human attitude and loving care makes them a perfect team to whom we thank for saving and treating our Sáruš :)

Hana Š.

Our cat has the best vets that he can have. I have also visited other vets who did their job well. But they do not only ds her job very well but also with love. 

Pavla S.

Hello, I would like to write to you this way that you are not only a good doctor, but you are doing it very well on a psychological side. When I called you that summer I wanted to know about dog lymphoma, I did not give any treatment for virtually any hope. How you can talk to people in difficult moments is very positive. Already during your interpretation on the phone, I began to gain the hope that it was not quite hopeless. The whole treatment was excellent, it fulfilled exactly what I expected from it. So again thanks. I would say that even the death was really beautiful, calm, fast. Yours sincerely, Střelcová

Petr E.

I went to my colleague and friend as a cancer specialist when my 16-year-old cat girl with troublesome kidneys had a tumor on the mammary gland. Personally, I focus on horse medicine, so I definitely acted as a frightened owner. Even the environment of the surgery was breathtaking with our girlfriend, and because Jacob knew me very well from the university, I knew we could not be in better hands. I wanted to leave all the decisions on him, we wanted the best and the best we could do to save her. He explained all the options in detail and chose the best and safest way to solve the problem, plus not just the "primary problem", but he checked, cared for us, and drew attention to all the other problems with our cat's babe. The proof of great work is not just our satisfaction with a perfect, professional and quiet approach, but above all a satisfied patient who does not want to eat anything other than Jakub advised, and she does not want to lie anywhere else than the plume she received from the clinic. The Veterinary Clinic Animed will breathe on your arrival with a feeling of well-being, peace and security, as well as during the examination and treatment of your four-legged pet. With great thanks,  Ulrika, Kačenka and Petr.

Zdeněk K.

The doctor have twice helped us to save our dog, which was too bad.
They are the people in their place, they understand their work and we are very grateful to them that Wikinka lives. Thanks to all! I highly recommend the clinic.

Lucie K.

The ANIMED clinic can be strongly recommended by mine experience. Our yorkshire is after a very hard surgery. Once again, a huge thank you for great access and work done.

Kamil B

Here is written so much positive about this clinic that me and our bassets have to join. Perfect access of doctors and staff, all understandably explained. They are just amazing !!!

Kamila K.

Veterinary clinic Animed is absolutely unmatched! Not only your pleasant environment, which is breathtaking for you at the entrance, but with your willingness, a nice approach, and especially with expertise and interest. We thank the entire team of the clinic for the care of our two dogs Emička and Eliška, especially Dr. MVDr. Pfeifr.

Janina K.

We went to the clinic with our bitch, which was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma. Unfortunately, in our homeland (North Bohemia), we did not meet the great willingness of our animal to help, even in Prague, unfortunately. When the doctor gave us help, access and care that he does not refuse and for myself, my brother and especially my Rory, who is unfortunately very happy in dog heaven !!!! You have been a great support for us, and you've been extending Rory for a long time, even though the "thing" was stronger, malignant. Thank you ...

Sandra L.

I would like to thank very much for our care and for our sick dog, Fida! I appreciate everything you've done for us to the end.

Thanks to your care, effort and patience, we have gained the most valuable what we could in our situation - time and quality!
Thank you very much for your approach and patience in answering my sometimes upscale questions.

And I also want to say that you were the first vet I wished to see regularly for 14 days as long as possible. Today and I mean only in the best sense I wish we did not have to visit you;) So really a hat for it what have you done for us !! Good night, Uncle Fido ...

Radka H.

My dog was diagnosed with scrotum mastocytoma during castration, I was offered treatment, which I was not convinced, so I started to search. I did it to myself when I have a tooth problem, I'm going to the dentist. So I was looking for an oncologist. I was recommended by MVDr. Pfeifr, after long talk and telephone consultations, we arrived in Brno (170km) and everything went fast. Operate again and then wait for the results. The doctor impressed me nicely, everything he explained without asking, he repeated it when it was needed. He did a precise job, and he helped me a lot. Thank you very much and everywhere I recommend your clinic ....